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Where Does Your Allegiance Stand? Skyy vs. Kreed III

April 22, 2009 · Print This Article


At CLASH TO THE FUTURE in Taylor, MI on 4/11, DRAGON KREED & CAMERON SKYY wrestled to a 30 Minute Time Limit Draw, therefore KREED remains CLASH Champion. Interestingly to note, this bout was very different than the many seen in CLASH Wrestling. The reaction these two received was a 50/50 split among those attending that evening.
Now, because of this draw, KREED has accepted the challenge from SKYY to yet another rematch but going into this one, “WHERE DOES YOUR ALLEGIANCE STAND?” CLASHWRESTLING.COM has profiled the two CLASH Stars and was able to get their comments going into AGE OF ALLEGIANCE in TAYLOR, MI on SATURDAY, 4/25 @ TaylorTown Trade Center…

DRAGON KREED – The Champion
Many might remember the closing of 2008 as DRAGON KREED was named the “Next Breakout Star” in the CLASH Awards Assembly. In this instance, Kreed took the ball and ran with it as on 3/29/09, he became the 3rd man in history to hold the CLASH Championship defeating long-time Champion Cameron Skyy. With the last contest ending in a draw, KREED had this to say about their upcoming bout on 4/25:

“I feel with the recent time limit draw that Cameron and I had, I wasn’t able to justify the reason why I am the new CLASH Heavyweight champion. Therefore, I took it upon myself to study tapes of Cameron and learn everything about him and what he does in the squared circle. Going into Age of Allegiance, I will show everyone, including Cameron, why I am the new heavyweight champion!”

CAMERON SKYY – The Challenger
For much of his tenure in CLASH, CAMERON SKYY, a 2 Time Former CLASH Champion has remained above the rest. His championship reigns add up to over a year in the lime light. In addition, he finished 2008 winning the “Wrestler Of The Year” Award at the CLASH Awards Assembly. Much lately, he’s been a much possessed “Ace High” working tirelessly to recapture the gold against whom he dropped it to on 3/29/09 to DRAGON KREED.

“I have much respect for Dragon Kreed, and March 29th was his night. However, the closing moments of our ‘draw,’ everyone’s last vision was the Ace High pinning Kreed before the time expired. The stakes are high at Age Of Allegiance on 4/25, and if you’re a bettin’ man, best to point your chips in my direction! Kreed, I’m taking you to the limit, and on April 25th – The ‘SKYY’ is that limit!”

DRAGON KREED (c) vs. CAMERON SKYY III goes down this Saturday, April 25th in Taylor, MI at TaylorTown Trade Center at AGE OF ALLEGIANCE!