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2010 All Out War Match: By The Numbers

September 20, 2010 · Print This Article

The 2010 All Out War match has the honor of being the longest match in CLASH history. Lasting over an hour in length, this year’s All Out War saw 23 competitors battle for a shot at becoming #1 contender to the CLASH Championship. In the end, it was Gavin Quinn who walked out winner of All Out War, but we here at CLASHWRESTLING.COM have watched the tapes. We’ve calculated, we’ve counted, and we present the 2010 All Out War Match: By The Numbers!

2010 All Out War Match Length: 1 Hr, 9 Seconds

Winner: Gavin Quinn
Entrant: 21
Time In Ring: 12 Minutes, 52 Seconds
Eliminations: 3 (Jack Verville, Jimmy Jacobs, Dragon Kreed)

Longest Time:
Tommy Treznik (57 Minutes, 49 Seconds)

Longest Time (Honorable Mention)
Cameron Skyy (53 Minutes, 34 Seconds) Eliminated By Tommy Treznik
Austin Manix (24 Minutes, 21 Seconds) Eliminated By Dragon Kreed
Jimmy Jacobs (20 Minutes, 7 Seconds) Eliminated By Gavin Quinn

Shortest Time:
Truth Martini (4 Seconds) Eliminated By Mena Libra

Most Eliminations:
Wreckingball (4) Gideon Malice, Mr. 450 Hammett, Bryce Benjamin, Dave Manzo
Dragon Kreed (4) Donnie Hallows, Jacob Hallows, Austin Manix, Tommy Treznik
Tommy Treznik (4) Wreckingball (w/ H3RD), Hakeem Zane (w/ H3RD), Cameron Skyy, Rave Killbourn